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Whether you have a small intimate group, or a large 200+ person destination wedding, we have done it all! When it comes to a destination wedding, there are so many options to consider. When it's the perfect location, features, excursions, and other add-ons, we want to provide the best guidance to make your wedding day one to talk about for a lifetime.

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#1) Ask what type of accreditations they have. Make sure whoever you use is accredited. We are an IATAN and CLIA accredited travel agency. We also own and run Vincent Vacations.

#2) Also, ask what certifications they have. Make sure who you use is certified in the resort brand and location of interest, and has specific destination weddings certification.

To name a few of our certifications:

  • Certified Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, Romance Travel Agency Specialist with DWHSA
  • American Express Travel - Destination Weddings Specialists
  • Association of Bridal Consultants Member
  • Certified Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist with Travel Leaders
  • Sandals & Beaches WeddingMoons Certified Specialists
  • Wedding Certified PROs with Palace
  • Hard Rock Resorts - Weddings WOW Specialists
  • See more of our awards, certifications, and recognitions!

#3) Ask how long they have been in business and find legitimate reviews of clients/couples destination wedding experience online.

Find a travel agent who specializes in a niche that matches your vision. For example, we specialize in all-inclusive destination weddings. All-inclusive resorts are found in many countries, including Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, St Lucia, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean! There are all-inclusives to be found in Spain, Maldives, and other exotic locations.

With our experience, we work with you to find the perfect location based on your requirements and budget.

By picking an experienced travel agency, with their proven vendor and brand relationships, you gain:

  • Exclusive savings
  • A large variety of wedding package options
  • Greater budget considerations
  • Access to local experienced wedding vendors
  • Additional customization options
  • Greater destination options
  • And so much more!

Mostly, guests will be responsible for booking and paying their own way for things like airfare, hotel / resort rooms and any other additional expenses, like excursions, or other add-ons. This is a great benefit to using an all-inclusive location, the food and drinks are included in the price of the resort stay.

As expected, the bride and groom are on the hook for certain items related to the destination wedding itself. They are expected to pay for things like the wedding reception, the rehearsal dinner, the welcome party and the morning-after brunch. In some cases, the parents of the bride or groom might offer to pay for some of this, but that depends on your particular family.

When you have made a decision, there is a destination wedding group contract you will sign with our agency. Specific information about the chosen vendor is also included on the contract - based on destination, resort, etc. The contract confirms the destination wedding group travel arrangements on the terms and conditions provided. Please note, no reservations are confirmed, or rates guaranteed, until the initial deposit is paid and the destination wedding group sales contract is signed by the travel agent and received back by the chosen vendor. Typically, the group must maintain a minimum of 10 rooms to qualify for discounted rates and concessions outlined in the contract.

Payment schedule will be outlined in the contract, including signature due date and amount, 2nd / 3rd deposit due dates and amounts, and final payment due date / remaining group balances.

The contract will also show the total rooms, total guests, and total room nights. In addition, the hotel, room categories reserved, occupancy numbers, date of arrival and departure, and the # of nights of each are also included.

Any travel protection / insurance is included in the contract and any qualifying group hotel amenities inclusions. This may include complimentary transfers to/from airport to the resort, welcome cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremony inclusions, coupons, resort credits, and any other terms and conditions outlined.

An all-inclusive resort, typically includes at a minimum, a resort level room, three meals daily (most include buffet and snack options through the day), soft drinks, most alcoholic drinks, gratuities / tips, and possibly other services in the price such as free live entertainment. Many also offer sports, and non-motorized watersports and other beach activities that are included in the price as well. An all-inclusive destination wedding, usually takes place at an all-inclusive resort, which are typically beach-side resorts, in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and other countries outside the US.

At the lowest level, a destination wedding can be included in the normal price of a 3-day stay at an all-inclusive resort. In a location close to the US, such as Cancun, Mexico, this could be as cheap as $3,000. At the medium end, a destination wedding, with a few additions can be $7,000. While a high-end destination wedding can cost 6-figures. It all depends on location, resort brand / level, add-ons, extra services, decorations, music, entertainment required, photography, hosting a large number of guests, etc.

#1) Give All Inclusive Weddings a call, or fill out our Wedding Request Form! We offer free destination wedding consultation.

After you finish the first step above, we will walk you through the following:

Your love story is unique and special... and we understand your wedding should be, too.

Everything you need to celebrate your special day with elegance and simplicity. It's the perfect start to the perfect marriage.

The more the merrier, they say... and nowhere does that hold more true than at a destination wedding.

Choose your wedding style. Whether you're starting with a blank canvas or already have a look you'd like to achieve, we can help!

Travel to your blissful location and say "I do" to forever! This is the time to travel to your magical retreat with your guests.

Let the good times roll! Let us know about your destination wedding experience!

Destination weddings are different than in-state / domestic weddings. The recommendation is, do not wait longer than six months before the destination wedding date you have contracted with your travel agent. For destination weddings, couples send them as early as nine months ahead! It's important to plan effectively in advance for your big day.

how can we help you?

Your love story is unique and special, and we understand your wedding should be, too!

Everything you need to celebrate your special day with elegance and simplicity. It's the perfect start to the perfect marriage.

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Services & FAQ

Learn more about our services and our most commonly asked questions

Read more about the services we provide and see more about the most common questions we see about destination weddings and packages. Did you know, if needed, we can provide several add-on options? This can include an on-site travel concierge to assist you and your guests when they arrive at destination. It's time to get excited about planning your destination wedding. These are the perfects questions to help you think of your big day!

all inclusive wedding packages near me

When it comes to your big day, we want to make sure everything is covered. Here is what is included in our services. We cover all of this with you and so much more, when you're ready to use us and our specialized destination wedding travel agents to plan your perfect wedding day!

  • An initial consultation/strategy session
  • Set up wedding date and time
  • Arrange a pre-planning trip if desired
  • Negotiate the best possible group contract (where applicable)
  • Destination, Venue, Hotel & Honeymoon Research
  • Travel Bookings for you and all your guests
  • Setting up transportation to and from your resort/airport for all guests
  • Payment scheduling and reminders for you and your guests
  • Accept payment plans from you and your guests when needed
  • Documents and tips/reminders sent out to you and all your guests
  • Status calls/consultations
  • 24-hour customer service for all guests during travel
  • A hosted and custom wedding website for guests to get details and RSVP
  • Destination Management Services in location for all guests (should any problems arise)
  • Wedding Timeline including to-do lists to keep bride and groom on track
  • Guidance with documentation & legal requirements
  • Venue and Vendor Referrals
  • Arrange a pre-planning trip if desired
  • Payment scheduling and reminders for you and your guests
  • Arrangement of candlelight dinner, excursion, spa treatment, hair appointments, romantically decorated suite, group excursion or event etc for bride and groom and their guests.
  • Concierge Team for all your guest's needs, changes and requests
  • Status calls/consultations
  • Confirmation calls and emails to all vendors confirming the wedding details, itinerary, their final payments, needs and expectations
  • Emergency on-call the week of the wedding & during travel (24 hour help) for all guests
  • Rehearsal dinner and/or welcome party coordination
  • Ceremony and reception coordination
  • Webpage with wedding information, photos, and reservation details for you and your guests
  • Communication system that includes emails and videos to your guests to prepare them for travel
  • Destination Management Services while on location for all guests (should any problems arise)
  • Help with budget for wedding expenses (once we narrow down venues)
  • Wedding Timeline including to-do lists to keep wedding couple on track

Several add-on options can be included. For example:
On site Travel Concierge - price is based on services needed and is additional to the fee schedule below.

Should you decide to work with All Inclusive Weddings, an official contract will be sent to you prior to the service fee being paid.

all inclusive wedding packages near me

Questions we typically ask to complete your DREAM all-inclusive destination wedding package.

  • In order for your dream wedding to happen, what MUST it have?
  • What is your greatest challenge right now in planning your destination wedding?
  • What are you most afraid could go wrong with your destination wedding?
  • What type of experience do you want your guests to have?
  • What is your budget?
  • Preferred Wedding Date/Month?
  • Approximate Guest Count?
  • If children attending, what is the age range?
  • Legal or symbolic wedding?
  • What made you decide on a destination wedding?
  • What, if any, is your biggest concern or challenge about a destination wedding?
  • What research have you done thus far and what decisions have you made (if any)?
  • What is your vision for your wedding ceremony:
    - Colors/theme/style/vibe
    - Location: beach, garden, rooftop
    - Time of day
    - What is your vision for your reception:
    - Location: indoors/outdoors/garden/terrace/beach
    - Lighting/Decor
    - Dj/dance floor
  • Food preferences
  • Did you want to have a cocktail reception?
  • Did you want to do any other group events like a welcome dinner or rehearsal dinner?
  • Did you want to host a group excursion like a catamaran cruise or do a bachelor or bachelorette party with your wedding party?
  • Let's talk a little bit about the vacation side of this celebration...
  • Tell me a little bit about your guests - social/active/reserved/night owls
  • Any of your guests have disabilities, mobility issues or health concerns
  • How important are the following:
    - Pools
    - Bars
    - Nightlife/dancing
    - Restaurant options
    - Food (ask them to elaborate - are they foodies, do they like fine dining, are they picky eaters, do they have allergies or dietary restrictions)
    - Drinks
    - Service
    - Beach
    - Activities like spa, golf, water sports
    - Fitness Center
    - 24hour room service
    - Kids Club
  • What would you like the overall look and feel of the resort and the rooms to be (can choose more than one, like Modern and Authentic): - Modern
    - Classy
    - Luxury
    - Authentic
    - Not super picky, just want it to be clean and not outdated
  • Do you have friends who you think will be sharing a room? If so, will you need rooms that will allow quad occupancy of four adults sharing a room
  • How long do you think your guests will stay?
  • What is realistic per person budget for your guests including airfare?
  • Did you want to stay at the wedding resort or go to a different resort for your honeymoon?
  • And finally, what is your overall budget for the wedding and travel?

Should you decide to work with All Inclusive Weddings, an official contract will be sent to you prior to the service fee being paid.

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