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7 Absolute Essentials for your Destination Wedding

You might be wondering, is a destination wedding stressful and too much to organize? In reality, it’s absolutely not. Any wedding takes some planning, but with the right help and connections, this becomes a lot easier, even when it’s based overseas / an international location. A destination wedding could be the best decision that you ever make, so what are you waiting for?

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7 absolute essentials for your destination wedding.

We can help with everything mentioned, and so much more!

1. Transport costs - airport to wedding venue.

2. Venue - must have for both your wedding ceremony and your reception (could be the same location - think inside or outside, or even themed venue?).

3. Accommodation - as you need somewhere to stay as do your guests!

4. Wedding Planner or Organizer (if you don't have anybody on the ground locally or taking up a Package wedding).

5. Reception - Caterers/Food/ Wine - do you have a budget per head?

6. Music & Entertainment.

7. Ceremony Officiate - you need to have somebody to officially marry you!

Other tips:

If you’re planning your honeymoon location, why not have the wedding there too?

= Where have you always dreamed of visiting? Bring that into reality and have your wedding in your dream holiday destination!

= Where have your friends married before? Of course, you could always choose the same place and talk about the experience with them.

= Always consider your budget. Which destinations match your budget?

= When you have a wedding at home they are often just one special day. You may only get a few minutes to chat and spend with your family and friends at the reception. However, destination weddings can last an entire weekend, week, or longer!

= Weddings at home can be expensive. Alternatively, a destination wedding can cost a
fraction of a home wedding.

= You will have the option of a local wedding planner and wedding organizer. This is more turnkey for you as a couple and couples love the in destination help from a local expert.

We would love to hear and connect with you, to see what your experience has been like – Drop us a line at:

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