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4 Secrets to Planning

4 secrets to planning the perfect destination wedding.

1. Deciding if a destination wedding is for you

2. How to find your destination wedding location

3. Making the most of your destination wedding

4. Your destination wedding – big ticket items to start your plan

Once you understand the key questions, you’re ready to enjoy the wedding of your dreams!

1. Deciding if a Destination wedding is for you?

= Destination weddings are wonderful if you love adventure and travel. Whether you love the beach, mountains, or natural rainforests – you’ll find a destination wedding to match!

When you have a wedding at home they are often just one special day. However, destination weddings can last an entire week or more!

= Weddings at home can be expensive. Alternatively, a destination wedding can cost a fraction of a home wedding.

= You’ll have the option of a local wedding planner. Yes, there’s a cost, but brides and
grooms love the help.

You can get married in a particular location. You’ll experience the beauty of getting
married while enjoying a relaxing holiday feeling.

2. How to find your destination wedding location?

Your wedding needs to be in the perfect location for YOU. You want an unforgettable location to make your dream wedding one to remember. Here are our top tips:

= Choose somewhere that’s very special. For example, did you have a special vacation anywhere?

Choose somewhere where your family is from. It’s an excellent way to go back to your roots!

= If you’re planning your honeymoon location, why not have the wedding there too?

= Where have you dreamt of visiting? Bring that into reality and have your wedding in your dream holiday destination!

= Where have your friends married before? Of course, you could always choose the same place and talk about the experience with them.

= Always consider your budget. Which destinations match your budget?

3. Making the most of your destination wedding

So, you’ve made it to your dream destination? Now to make the most of this arrangement.

= Have your honeymoon and wedding in the same special location, why not double up?

= Why not invite all guests a week before the wedding? That way, they can all enjoy the destination.

= Alternatively, you could always spend time relaxing with your family after the wedding.

= If you’re looking for an excellent deal – and we all love a great deal – you can book in the off-season

You should be patient! Remember, it’s a foreign country with a different culture, and things don’t always work the same. Once you realize that, you’ll begin to enjoy your time more.

4. Your destination wedding – big-ticket items to start your plan

Once you’ve decided to have a destination wedding, there are some key things that you need to plan. Here are some of the best ways to ensure your destination wedding is one to remember!

1) What wedding setting do you want? Would you like it to be inside or outside?

2) Wedding rituals are important when you plan a wedding. Will you have a traditional, religious, or civil wedding?

3) Which country will you choose? Depending on where you go, you’ll have to check all the legal aspects, documentation, and apply for a wedding license.

4) Decide the time of the day; would you prefer an afternoon wedding or a sunset marriage on a tropical beach?

5) What type of reception would you like? For example, would you prefer formal dining or a buffet?

6) Package wedding? Would you like a package holiday, including food, drink, and live entertainment?

7) You could always use the services of a wedding planner! Wedding planners are excellent at providing you the best possible day, but make sure you ask plenty of questions.

8) Who do you want to invite? Who will you be obligated to invite? Your guest list is obviously crucial, so make sure you start writing down the names of people that you want to invite on a potential invite list. This makes it much more helpful to define your final guest list.

9) What is your budget? As you’d expect, some places are more expensive than others, so you should plan to get the best deal!

Start with the costs that you know, and by doing this, you’ll be off to a great start. In addition, this is where a wedding planner can be crucial because they have experience in handling wedding costs. You should also consider package holidays because they can save you a lot of money.

Before you leave to fly out:

1. Airfares & transport to the airport.

2. Visas for the country of entry (check how long in advance you need to apply for any visa, some countries application process is longer than others and you many need time to order certain documents yourself for the application).

3. Marriage license cost – make sure you get the legalities right (check how long the process is and again, you may need time to order and collate documents for the application. Check any start and finish date for the license).


Stress Free Wedding Planning

It's a lot like heaven.

We can help you navigate the different wedding packages with ranges of price points and offerings.

From an intimate two-person experience, which can includes a ceremony, flowers, a private dinner for two under the stars, a massage, morning-after breakfast in bed and more. To 50+ person wedding, without losing any of the romantic details. Perks like a private cocktail hour, a three-course meal, live music and a rehearsal dinner - this can all be added and included.

Each couple has unique needs, which is why we create custom wedding packages made with a range of price points and offerings. From a simple couple's elopement get-away package, to a large 200+ guest wedding, we do it all!

Just think what's possible - Fireworks, massages, and breakfast in bed, destination weddings put the ‘bliss’ in ‘wedded bliss.’

If planning your wedding sight unseen sounds nerve-wracking, many resort brands offer special rates for couples to visit, meet with wedding experts and decide on different day-of features, like wedding site and menu options. Not ready to commit? When you visit and book your wedding, several resort brands will provide you with a certificate for a two-night stay to use during the wedding or honeymoon.

Because resorts want to help you keep the celebration going well into the future, several resorts also offer a complimentary two-night stay for your first wedding anniversary, making it easy to relive every detail from your magical day.

From beachfront altars to multi-course menus to finale fireworks, all inclusive destination wedding resorts offer a sensory experience that brings wedding dreams to life. Couples can exchange vows at a range of sites, including the beach, pools, terraces, ballrooms, or even at select resorts - in the Presidential Suite - a luxe location for elopements and micro-weddings.

Access to onsite dedicated wedding experts, including wedding planners and coordinators is included. Some resorts offer the bonus of added exclusivity, as they only host one wedding per day.

We want to provide a picture-perfect backdrop for your vows. But it’s not just the scenery that creates the wedding of your dreams. Your resort’s dedicated team of wedding experts ensures that your vision becomes a reality, from sprawling plans to tiny details and everything in between of 200+ guests without losing any of the romantic details.

With many resort brands, couples who book multiple-night stays can earn a complimentary destination wedding that takes care of many items on the to-do list - including an officiant, flowers, turndown service and a wedding cake and sparkling wine toast for up to 10 guests.

A Family Affair: “The best part of a destination wedding is the added time with everyone. The hotel put on both a meet-and-greet and a poker party in the nights before the wedding. It was a wedding week versus a wedding day, which made for endless memories — and lots of beach volleyball. By the time our wedding night came around, everyone was family.”

Destination On-Site: “Weddings on-site at the resort are such a COMPLETE destination offering, where you can enjoy activities, haute cuisine and the best beaches in the world with your partner. You don’t have to do anything but savor the sun and ocean breeze.”


Questions to Keep in Mind When Planning your Destination Wedding

We want you and your guests to say... IT WAS THE BEST WEDDING EVER!

When having a destination wedding, there is so much to think about. That's why we are here! Everything from salon and spa packages to photography and videography options and beyond.

It's important to think about, in order for your dream wedding to happen, what MUST it have? What are some features you cannot live without?

If possible, would you like to see the destination before the wedding? Some couples enjoy touring several destination options in person, before committing to a location for their wedding. For example, visiting several resorts and venues can be arranged in a city, or major area. Interested in Cancun? While visiting you can also check out Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, and other popular resort locations.

How concerned are you with your guests being able to afford it? In some cases, this can impact your resort brand, location and overall experience.

What is your greatest challenge right now in planning your destination wedding? Or what do you think will be your biggest concerns?

Do you have a time of day in mind / is a sun set a requirement? For example, we would need to make sure a twilight ceremony time is available at your destination of choice.

What are you most afraid could go wrong with your destination wedding?

What type of experience do you want your guests to have?

Keep in mind, several resort brands offer a 10% discount for Military, Firefighter, Police Officer, or FEMA / disaster assistance workers and volunteers.

If budget is a concern, there is a huge benefit in inviting as many of your friends and family as you can for your destination wedding. The larger the group, the more likely your room will be free of charge. Which will then free up your funds to go toward the wedding.

The more guests you have, the more perks you will receive. For example, the higher the resort credits, the more free offers like welcome cocktail parties, even upgraded room categories.
Share your wedding with as many family and friends as you’d like, because the more people you bring, the more bells & whistles are included. What’s even better, you can pick the perks that mean the most to you.

With most all-inclusive brands, you can get a free wedding for stays of 3 nights or longer. Or, how extravagant do you want your experience? From personal butler service, private executive transfers, the most top-tier suites - over-water bungalows, swim-up suites, the sky is the limit. At certain resorts, even private offshore islands can be made available for your ceremony.

Some brands offer exclusive exchange privileges between resorts. This can be helpful if you want to experience more private surroundings before the ceremony at another location, or during your honeymoon - where you can travel off-property to get away from your destination wedding guests.

Do you already have a location in mind? The most gorgeous tropical islands in the Caribbean, a region known for its turquoise waters and romantic sunsets. From a warm reggae pulse in Jamaica and sophistication in The Bahamas, to jet-setting lifestyles in Barbados and volcanic majesty in Saint Lucia, the paths to your happy place are many – just choose your perfect location!

How much time do you before the wedding date? The longer you have to plan, generally the easier it will make the booking and accomidations for your guests.

Any add-ons that are a must, such as custom welcome events, unique mani-pedi parties, rehearsal dinner, memorable experiences, Bonfire / Firepit Party, fire dancers, tiki torches, floating night candles release, there are so many options!

You have your family and friends available with you, so why not enjoy the experience with some spectacular celebration options.

Everyone can enjoy the fun with special events such as:

• A welcome cocktail reception
• Caribbean themed night
• Celebration dinner
• Bridal party spa day
• Private beach bonfire
• Special-interest experiences including golf, scuba diving, and snorkeling trips
• Wedding after party
• Farewell brunch
• Photo Booth Package
• Half-day, sunset, and party catamaran cruises
• Horseback ride ‘n swim
• Fishing charters
• ATV and dune buggy excursions
• Rainforest zip lining adventures
• Self-drive Mini-Routes tours
• Historic city and plantation tours
• Cultural culinary, music, and art immersions
• Flightseeing helicopter tours and resort transfers


Hot Tips That Make Destination Planning a Breeze

Hot Tips Make Destination Planning a Breeze

Budget right—Develop an overall budget, keeping in mind added expenses you may incur - such as travel, hotel, meals, transfers. Buffer in any exchange rate for weddings that occur in Europe, Asia, or Mexico.

Block out airfare for guests with their preferred carrier—Keep in mind origination points and connections. Take a test run of the transfer time and transfer type required to get the guests from point A to point B.

Learn the marriage license requirements for the destination you are booking—For instance, in France, the couple must live in that country for 60 days to be eligible to get married there.

Watch the weather for the dates of the wedding—Don’t plan a Caribbean wedding during hurricane season.

Get a website and plan ahead—Available free through us, or The Knot, or consider This is a great option as it allows all guests to know who to contact for travel arrangements. Allow six months mailing for destination wedding Save the Dates. Consider an online version.

Remember you're traveling with the gown—When traveling with your gown, don’t check the gown as luggage - you may never see it again. This applies to all members of the bridal party. For brides, Wedding Gown Specialists offers a destination gown travel kit that fits in most air place overhead compartments (

Prepare for windy conditions—Make sure the veil is weighted for weddings
on a beach or it will whip around, obscuring the bride and hitting guests as the bride walks down the aisle. Weighted magnetic veil clips are available through

Passports—Remind guests that valid passports are required for any travel outside the United States.

Keep an emergency kit—Carry stain sticks with you at all times and a steamer, along with adaptors in case you cannot plug into the power strips at the hotel.

Have your couple buy insurance—Require clients to purchase wedding insurance through vendors like or along with travel insurance.

Travel has become safer, but one never knows what can or will disrupt a destination wedding—Weather conditions, illness, government issued warnings, etc.

Keep your rental contracts handy—Shipping items ahead may cause a problem if they get stuck at customs. If you take things with you, like linens, pack them separately and include your rental contract inside. Keep an extra copy with you. If you get stopped at customs, you can show that these are a rental and the items will come back with you and are not being sold.

Hire a translator—Mostly not necessary when booking with all-inclusives, but to help you become familiar with the location. Find a destination friendly locale—in Europe there are many hotels that do not welcome weddings.

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Everything you need to celebrate your special day with elegance and simplicity. It's the perfect start to the perfect marriage. Our frequently asked questions area has many answers about our process.

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